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CremerCOOR® MCT C10
Product Name CremerCOOR® MCT C10
Chemical Identification Glycerol tridecanoate
INCI Name Tricaprin
Registration CAS No. 621–71–6           EINECS No. 210–702–0
Appearance Clear liquid
Odor Neutral
Product Description
CremerCOOR® MCT C10 is a stable waxy ester with a melting point around 30°C, which leads to a cooling sensation on the skin.
Characteristics Specification Unit Analytical Method
Identification Pass EP Monograph Test method B, C
Color APHA 60 Max APHA ISO 6271
Acid Value 0.1 Max mg KOH/g DGF C-V 2
Flavor typical Modified AOCS Cg–2–83/SPA 71
Hydroxyl Value 5 Max mg KOH/g EP 2.5.3 method A
Iodine Value 1 Max g l/100g DGF C-V 11b
Saponification Value 295 – 310 % ISO 3657
Moisture Value 0.1 Max % AOCS Ca 2e–84
Chain Distribution Specification Unit Analytical Method
C10 96 Min % DGF C-V1 10a