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CremerCOOR® GC8
Product Name CremerCOOR® GC8
Chemical Identification Monoester of Glycerol and Caprylic Acid
INCI Name Glyceryl Caprylate
Registration CAS No. 26402–26–6 EINECS No. 247–668–1
Product Description
Glyceryl Caprylate is obtained by an esterification process of Glycerol and Caprylic Acid. The origin is 100% vegetable.
Its versatile properties including antimicrobial activity, refatting and wetting performance make CremerCOOR® GC8 a multifunctional ingredient for a variety of personal care and cosmetic applications.
Characteristics Specification Unit Analytical Method
Acid Value ≤2.0 mg KOH/g DGF C-V 2
Saponification Value 250 – 268 mg KOH/g DGF C-V 3
Moisture Value ≤1.0 % DGF C-III 13a
Melting Point 27 – 33 °C DGF C-IV 3a
Iodine Value ≤0.5 g l/100g DGF C-V 11d
Glycerol ≤5 % AOCS Ca 5d–01
Mono-glycerides, as Caprylat ≥80 % AOCS Ca 5d–01
Appearance White crystalline, solid