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CremerCOOR® MM
Product Name CremerCOOR® MM
Chemical Identification Magnesium Myristate
INCI Name Magnesium Myristate
Registration CAS No. 4086–70–8 EINECS No. 223–817–6
Product Description:
Magnesium Myristate is made via the modified fusion process using high quality myristic acid. Magnesium Myristate is a white free flowing powder.
Characteristics Specification Unit Analytical Method
Appearance White, fine powder
Odor faint fatty odor
Metal Content (as Mg) 4 – 6 % FCC V
Moisture Value 3 – 6 % Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Arsenic 2 Max ppm AAS
Heavy Metals 20 Max ppm AAS
Magnesium Myristate offers following properties; increased adhesion to skin, improved wear, even finish and high binding power. For people who are allergic to Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Myristate is a very good alternative. It is also a beneficial alternative to talcum powder for application on baby skin, as talc-containing powder can cause severe health disturbances in babies and infants.
Magnesium Myristate is the ideal element to formulate decorative cosmetics. It can be used as surface treatment agent in pressed powders, liquid make-ups, mascaras and emulsions. It is also particularly suitable for baby care and sun care products.