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Product Name IMWITOR® 928
INCI Name Glyceryl Cocoate
Product Description:
IMWITOR® 928 is composed of partial glycerides (mono-/di-glycerides) of the saturated fatty acids of vegetable oil, having chain lengths of C12 – C18. The main component is C12, as in coconut oil.
Chemical and Physical Properties:
Tests Value Unit
Acid value 2 Max mg KOH/g
Saponification value 200 - 220 mg KOH/g
Iodine value 3 Max g I2/100g
Ascending melting point 33 – 36 °C
Free Glycerol 1 Max %
Monoglycerides 40 Min %
IMWITOR® 928 is a white to slightly yellowish solid substance, which is stable against oxidation and has a slight coconut odor.
IMWITOR® 928 is soluble in acetone and ethanol. It is slightly soluble in hexane and cold water, but has a good water-binding capacity. Upon heating it forms an emulsion with water.
Because of its purely vegetable origin and its manufacturing process IMWITOR® 928 is free from skin irritating substances such as heavy metals, catalyst residues, solvents, antioxidants and other stabilizers.
IMWITOR® 928 is stable against oxidation because it contains only saturated fatty acids (Iodine value 3 Max g I2/100 g, peroxide value 3 Max mequi O/kg).
IMWITOR® 928 is acting as co-emulsifier, absorption promoter, dispersing aid and refatting agent.
In comparison to Glycerol Stearate as co-emulsifier IMWITOR 928 show only slight impact on the viscosity of the formulation. Therefore it is suitable for the stabilization of sprays without increasing viscosity.