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Product Name SOFTISAN® 100
INCI Name Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides
Product Description:
The four SOFTISAN® types, which are listed below, are specialty hard fats based on triglycerides of blends of natural, saturated, even-numbered unbranched vegetable fatty acids with a chain length of C10-C18. They are free from antioxidants and stabilizers.
**SOFTISAN 154 is classified as Hyrdrogenated Palm Oil
The other SOFTISAN grades are registered as Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides
JCIC A) name Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides
Characteristic Values
Tests SOFTISAN® 100 SOFTISAN® 142 SOFTISAN® 154 Unit
Acid value 0.2 Max 0.3 Max 1 Max mg KOH/g
Iodine value 3 Max 3 Max 3 Max mg l2/100g
Saponification value 230 – 250 210 – 235 195 – 210 mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl value 15 Max 15 Max 10 Max mg KOH/g
Unsaponifiable matter 0.5* Max 0.5* Max 1* Max %
Melting point 33.5 – 35.5 42 &ndash 44 53 –58 °C
Water 0.1 Max 0.1* Max 0.1* Max %
Iodine color value 3* Max 3 Max 3 Max mg l2/100ml
* = Not included in certificate of analysis
The three SOFTISAN® hard fat types are white masses with a neutral odor and taste. They are characterized by their exceptional hardness at room temperature and their sharp melting range. The small interval between melting and solidification points allows a rapid and economic processing. These hard fats can be heated far beyond their melting points without the fast solidification time and good contractility being changed. They are exceptionally resistant against oxygen so that there is no rancidity risk.
The hard fats are dermatologically and toxicologically harmless.
Diethyl Ether, Toluene, Acetone readily soluble
Methylene Chloride almost insoluble
Ethanol, 96% almost insoluble
Water almost insoluble
Fats and oils miscible
Decorative cosmetics and pharmaceutical sticks
Because of their hardness, close proximity of melting and softening as well as their stability against oxidation SOFTISAN Hard Fats are suitable as components for all types of cosmetical and pharmaceutical sticks (eyebrow pencils, lining pencils, lipsticks, grease sticks) for compact and liquid make-up preparations, greasy make-ups, mascaras, lip-gloss preparations, foundations, eyeliners etc.
These SOFTISAN® grades offer a choice of non-smearing, non-sticky, odorless fats with different melting points and excellent skin compatibility for the preparation of the above- mentioned group of products.
SOFTISAN® Hard Fats impart structure to products and have protective skin care properties. Different melting behaviors are exhibited at skin temperature, depending, upon the type used.
Ointments and Creams
Skin-spreading is improved by the addition of one of these three SOFTISAN® materials, and therefore active ingredients are readily released on the skin. Skin respiration and water balance are not impaired. SOFTISAN® Hard Fats “improve” the effect of paraffin hydrocarbons.
Delivery Form and Packaging
SOFTISAN 100, 142 pellets, packed in cartons with PE inliner of 20 kg net.
SOFTISAN 154 flakes, packed in PE lined paper bags of 25 kg net.
The products should be stored in closed containers, dry, cool (< 25°C) and protected from light and moisture. Under these conditions the shelf life is at least 3 years.