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Product Name MIGLYOL® 808
INCI Name Tricaprylin
Product Description MIGLYOL® 808 is the triglyceride of Caprylic acid with a purity of > 95%.
MIGLYOL ® 808 is a clear, virtually colorless liquid of neutral odor and taste. MIGLYOL ® 808 is free from additives such as antioxidants, solvents and catalyst residues. It has a high stability against oxidation.
MIGLYOL® 808 has excellent spreadability on the skin and good skin absorption. It is an excellent penetration promoter, emollient and skin-smoothing agent. MIGLYOL® 808 is a very good solvent for active ingredients.
Chemical and Physical Properties
Tests Values Units
Acid value 0.1 Max mg KOH/g
Saponification Value 340 – 370 mg KOH/g
Iodine Value 0.3 Max mg l/100 mg
Peroxide Value * 1.0 Max mequi O/kg
Hydroxyl Value 5 Max mg KOH/g
Color* 50 Max APHA
Viscosity 23 – 29 mPa·s
Water* 0.1 Max %
* no element of CoA